Do you know your ultimate purpose?

“This project took a long time, beginning with a few scrambled notes from a couple of years ago and me wondering why I enjoy immersing myself into certain stories even though they would be horrible experiences in real life. At first, it was just a collection of short observations of particular tropes and genres, but I challenged myself to connect them into a more cohesive analysis. The result is still very exploratory in nature and perhaps not as concise as my other videos, but I hope you will enjoy the journey :)”

— Like Stories of Old

This is the first video I’ve had the pleasure of watching from this YouTuber, and it was an instant ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’ for me. I won’t spoil the journey by commenting too much upon it, but I will say that geeks of all kinds will be rewarded with a peep into their own mental cogs upon its completion. If you haven’t already, consider creating an ‘Inspiration & Motivation’ playlist and add this video to it. I look forward to exploring more videos from this YouTuber.

Watch The Fantasy of Ultimate Purpose