This is the video you’ve been looking for! If you’re a Star Wars fanboy don’t miss this awesome Star Wars MTV Cribs Edition.


Directed/Shot/Edited by Scott Winn & Derek Pueblo
Written by Scott Winn, Derek Pueblo & Gabe Casdorph

Featuring Gabe Casdorph as TK-429 aka “Super Nova”

Jabba the Hutt created by Troy Larson. Check out his incredible work:

C3P0 played by Shawn Gordon
R2D2 created and operated by Doug Dobyns

Darth Vader and Jabba Voice: Riley Workman
voicevader [at]

Sound Design by Brenden Bytheway

Color by Jeff Yeats

Boombox provided by Lasonic. Grab one for yourself here:

Special thanks to Ken Bretschneider. Check out his amazing new theme park coming to Utah:

Gyrocopter provided by Josh Humphreys & Michael Burton

And thank you to all the people who helped make this video possible!

VFX by Aaron Sorenson. Watch his Vader lift tutorial