I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I have. I’d say why I love it but that would be a spoiler. Let me know what you think about “Little Thing” short film below!

“Little Thing”

Award Winning Short Film

In this short film “Little Thing”, a tiny creature searches for companionship in an empty city. His music transforms the space around him and calls to others.

little thing short film

“Little Thing is a multi award winning Short film, about music, loneliness and the search for connection. a story about a tiny creature searching through an empty city.”

Visuals: Or Kan tor
Music: Ori Avni
Sound Design: Alon Kaplan


Audience choice award – Canterbury Anifest 2016
Best animated short film – Sydney World Film Festival 2017
Best animation award – Cabbagetown short film festival 2017
3D animation 1st place – florida animation festival 2017
Best short film – Soflowebfest 2017
Best animation – Soflowebfest 2017
Princeton Tiger Award – Nassau Film Fest 2018
Outstanding Animated Film award – Festival of Nations 2018
Best Mini Short – Chlemsford Film Festival 2018