Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you.

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May 4 is considered a holiday by Star Wars fans to celebrate Star Wars culture, books and honor the films. It is called Star Wars Day because of the significance of the “May Fourth Movement” as an anti-imperialist, cultural, and political movement, a major theme of the original films and of the popularity of a common pun spoken on this day.

Because the phrase “May the Force be with you” is a famous quote often spoken in the Star Wars films, fans commonly say “May the fourth be with you” on this day.

Current day Star Wars fans were not the first to introduce the line “May the fourth be with you”: when Margaret Thatcher was elected Britain’s first female Prime Minister on May 4, 1979, her party placed an advertisement in The London Evening News that said “May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations.”